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Use your branding Bot to serve "Daily Attendance Bonus" in Telegram communities

The "Daily Attendance Bonus" feature is a great tool that can boost community activity and dramatically increases the retention of community members. The Attendance module communicate with communities by utilizing the H5 Game API provided by Telegram platform. Following is the guide about how to enable the Attendance module for branding bots hosted on TeleMe.

Telegram's HTML5 API provides an interface for external HTML5 content to communicate with communities. The Attendance module depends on the two functions of H5 API:

  • Answering inline queries,
  • Serving H5 Game

The following steps will show you how to turn on this feature for your branding bot. It is estimated to take about 5 minutes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at @telemedotio.

The preparation

Please log in to Telegram. All of the following operations are done in Telegram through a conversation with @BotFather.

Step 1: Turn on the inline mode

  1. Connect to the @BotFather by the link: When the chat-window with the bot will be open in the Telegram, press the Start button.

  2. Send /setinline command to BotFather. And then choose your bot from the bot list. It should show a screen like following.

send /setinline to BotFather

  1. Send a short description about your group to BotFather. After that, you should receive a success message, as shown below.

a success message

Step 2: Create an H5 game called attendance

  1. In the BotFather dialog, send /newgame command and accept the H5 API agreements. Then select your Bot from the Bot list.

Please note: Telegram prohibits the use of external links in H5 content, and prohibits the use of third-party payments in H5 content, and prohibits the use of cookies in H5 content. TeleMe service is strictly compliant with these requirements.

  1. Then send the name of the H5 content to BotFather:
Daily Attendance Bonus
  1. Send a brief description of the H5 content to BotFather:
Sign in daily attendance, and collect your reward. 
  1. Upload a key visual image for your H5 content. The image size must be 640x360 pixels. You can use that image we provide at
  1. Telegram also supports GIF animation for H5 content. But we don't need this feature yet. So please send /empty to skip this step.

Now, you should see a screen similar to the one below.

Create a screen for the Telegram telegram group check-in

  1. The last step is to set the short name for the H5 content. This is important, please make sure that you send attendance to BotFather as TeleMe use this fixed short name to serve "Daily Attendance Bonus"

You will see a screen similar to the one below. Please note that the part of the red line must end with "?game=attendance". Now you can use your brand bot to serve "Daily Attendance Bonus" in your Telegram communities.

Create a screen for the Telegram telegram group check-in

Can I change the name, description or image of my H5 games?

Yes. Just send to /mygames command to BotFather. Then select the H5 content you'd like to make modification on.

This seems too complicated to me, can you help?

Yes. TeleMe provide dedicated customer support service for Telegram groups on the Enterprise plan. Just talk to @telemedotio and let us sort out these things for you.